UV Nanoimprint Lithography System

A universal R&D mask alignment system with UV-nanoimprint capability from small pieces up to 150 mm

The tool supports a variety of standard lithography processes, such as vacuum-, soft-, hard- and proximity exposure mode, with the option of back-side alignment. Additionally the system offers additional capabilities for multi-purpose configurations, including bond alignment and nanoimprint lithography (NIL). The EVG610 offers quick processing and re-tooling for changing user requirements with a conversion time between lithography and NIL of just a few minutes. Its advanced multi-user concept can be adapted from beginners to expert level, thus making it ideal for universities and R&D applications.

For imprint processes, the EVG610 allows substrates ranging from small chip size pieces up to 150 mm in diameter. Configurations for nanotechnology applications can include release mechanisms for stamps in addition to programmable high and low contact force. Uniform contact force for high yield imprinting is provided by EV Group's proprietary chuck design, which supports both soft and hard stamps.


  • Top-side and bottom-side alignment capability
  • High-precision alignment stage
  • Automated wedge error compensation mechanism
  • Motorized and recipe-controlled exposure gap
  • Supports the latest UV-LED technology
  • Minimized system footprint and facility requirements
  • Step-by-step process guidance
  • Remote tech support
  • Multi-user concept (unlimited number of user accounts and recipes, assignable access rights, different user interface languages)
  • Agile processing and conversion between lithography processes 
  • Table top or stand-alone version with anti-vibration granite table
  • Additional capabilities:
    • Bond alignment
    • IR alignment
    • Nanoimprint lithography 
    • µ-contact printing

Technical Data

Wafer diameter (substrate size)
Standard lithography: pieces up to 150 mm
Soft UV-NIL: pieces up to 150 mm
≤ 40 nm (resolution dependent upon template and process)
Supported Process
Exposure source
Mercury light source or UV LED light source
Automated separation
Not supported
Working stamp fabrication

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