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EVG Purchasing

EVG’s purchasing organization is responsible for the worldwide procurement of production materials as well as semi-finished and finished goods, investments and services. The wide spectrum of acquired products ranges from DIN parts to specific components manufactured exclusively for EVG's high-tech products.

We demand a great deal of reliability and flexibility from our strategic suppliers, and we expect a high level of accuracy and precision from the delivered products.

As part of our supplier management, we perform regular supplier assessments and audits.

Purchasing Portal

The EV Group Purchasing Portal was implemented to make the purchasing process easier and more convenient for both our suppliers and EVG.

Industry Organizations and Consortia

EVG Memberships (examples)

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
European Photonics Industry Consortium
MEMS & Sensors Industry Group
A*STAR / Institute of Microelectronics
ESBS - Electronics and Software Based Systems Austria
MF-10 Microfluidics Consortium
IRT Nanoelec 3D Integration Program
Nanonet Foundation
Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

EV Group - Purchasing

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