Automated Resist Processing System

The EVG®120 is a compact, cost-effective resist processing system for starting up production when cleanroom space is limited.

The new EVG120 universal and fully automated resist processing tool is capable of processing various substrate shapes and sizes up to 200 mm/8". This new generation of the EVG120 comes in a new ultra-compact design with newly developed chemistry cabinet for external storage of chemicals while providing increased throughput capability, optimized for high-volume customer needs and ready for utilization in high volume manufacturing (HVM). The EVG120 provides users with an elaborate set of benefits that is simply not found in any other tool and guarantees the highest quality standards in various fields of application at a remarkably low cost of ownership.


  • Wafer sizes up to 200 mm
  • Ultra-compact design for minimal footprint
  • Up to 2 coat/develop chambers and 10 hot/chill plates
  • Versatile combinations of multi-functional modules for spin and spray coating, developing, bake and chill provide great opportunities in many fields of application
  • Chemistry cabinet for external storage of chemicals
  • EV Group’s proprietary OmniSpray® ultrasonic atomization technology provides unmatched process results when it comes to conformal coating of extreme topographies
  • CoverSpinTM rotating cover for low resist consumption and optimized resist coating uniformity
  • Megasonic technology for cleaning, sono-chemical processing and developing improves process efficiency and lowers the process time from hours to minutes
  • Sophisticated and field-proven robot handling with dual end-effector capability ensures continuous high throughput
  • Process technology excellence and development service
  • Multi-user concept (unlimited number of user accounts and recipes, assignable access rights, different user interface languages)
  • Smart process control and data analysis feature [Framework SW Platform]
    • Integrated analysis features for process and machine control
    • Equipment and process performance tracking feature
    • Parallel/queueing task processing feature
    • Smart handling features
    • Occurrence and alarm analysis
    • Smart maintenance management and tracking

Technical Data

Available modules
Spin coat / OmniSpray® / develop
Bake / chill
Wafer handling options
Single / double EE / edge handling / wafer flipping
Bowed / warped / thin wafer handling
Smart process control & data analysis features (framework SW platform)
Integrated analysis features for process and machine control
Parallel task / queueing task processing feature
Equipment and process performance tracking feature
Smart handling features
Occurences & alarms analysis / smart maintenance management & tracking
Wafer diameter (substrate size)
Up to 200 mm
Number of modules
Process modules: 2
Bake / chill modules: up to 10
Industrial automation features
Ergo load cassette stations / SMIF loadports / SECS/GEM / FOUP load ports
Dispense options
Various resist despense pumps to cover a wide range of viscosities up to 52000 cP
Liquid priming / pre-wet / bowl wash
Edge bead removal (EBR) / back-side rinse (BSR)
Constant pressure dispense systems / syringe dispense system
Resist dispense pump features flowmonitoring
Programmable dispense rate / programmable volume / programmable suck-back
Additional module options
Pre-alignment: optical / mechanical
ID-reader: barcode, alpha-numeric, data matrix
System control
Operations system: Windows
File sharing & back-up solution / unlimited no. recipes & parameters / offline recipe editor
Flexible process flow definition / easy drag and drop recipe programming
Parallel processing of multiple jobs / real-time remote access, diagnostics & troubleshooting
Multi-language user GUI & support: CN, DE, FR, IT, JP, KR

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