EVG®810 LT

LowTemp™ Plasma Activation System

Low-temperature plasma activation system for SOI, MEMS, compound semiconductors and advanced substrate bonding

The EVG810 LT LowTemp™ plasma activation system is a single-chamber, stand-alone unit with manual operation. The process chamber allows for ex-situ processes (wafers are activated one by one and bonded outside the plasma activation chamber).


  • Surface plasma activation for low-temperature bonding (fusion/molecular and intermediate layer bonding)
  • Fastest kinetics of any wafer bonding mechanism
  • No wet processes required
  • Highest bond strength at low temperature annealing (up to 400 °C)
  • Applicable for SOI, MEMS, compound semiconductors, and advanced substrates bonding
  • High degree of materials compatibility (including CMOS)

Technical Data

Wafer diameter (substrate size)
50 - 200, 100 - 300 mm
LowTemp™ plasma activation chamber
Process gases: 2 standard process gases (N2 and O2)
Universal mass flow controller: self-calibrating (up to 20.000 sccm)
Vacuum system: 9x10-2 mbar
Opening / closing of chamber: automated
Loading / unloading of chamber: manual (wafer / substrate placed on loading pins)
Optional features
Chuck for different wafer sizes
Metal ion-free activation
Additional process gases with gas mixing
High vacuum system with turbo pump: 9x10-3 mbar base pressure
Material systems that are qualified with LowTemp™ plasma activated bonding
Si: Si/Si, Si/Si (thermally oxidized, Si (thermally oxidized)/Si (thermally oxidized)
TEOS/TEOS (thermally oxidized)
Si/Ge for Germanium-on-Insulator (GeOI)
Glass (borofloat, non-alkali): Si/Glas, Glass/Glass
Compound semiconductors: GaAs, GaP, InP
Polymers: PMMA, Cyclo Olefin Polymers
Best Known Method recipes available for users for the above and for other materials (full list available on request)