Automated Metrology System

High-throughput, high-resolution metrology for bonded stacks and single wafers

The EVG50 (fully automated stand-alone tool) and the Inline Metrology Module (integrated in EVG's high-volume-manufacturing systems) offer highly accurate measurements at high speed, utilizing different measurement methods for a large number of applications.
The tool's application range covers multi-layer thickness measurements for determination of the total thickness variation (TTV) of an intermediate layer, the inspection of bond interfaces as well as resist thickness measurement, and meets the most demanding requirements of the yield-driven semiconductor industry.


  • Multi-layer metrology with industry-leading throughput and resolution
  • Multi-layer-thickness mapping
  • Bond interface inspection
  • Low contact edge handling
  • Particle free
  • Full-area accessible front- and backside
  • Self-calibrating for better system reproducibility and more productive time
  • Various output formats
  • 100% production inspection

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