Fully-integrated SmartNIL® UV-NIL System

A fully integrated nanoimprint lithography solution for high-volume manufacturing, featuring EVG´s proprietary SmartNIL® imprinting technology

The HERCULES NIL, a fully integrated UV nanoimprint lithography track solution for wafers up to 200 mm, is the latest addition to EVG’s NIL product portfolio. Based on a modular platform, the HERCULES NIL combines EVG’s proprietary SmartNIL imprinting technology with cleaning, resist coating and baking pre-processing steps. This turns the HERCULES NIL into a “one stop shop”, where bare wafers are loaded into the tool and fully processed nanostructured wafers are returned.

To optimize the process chain, fabrication of multiple-use soft stamps – which are a cornerstone for high-volume production – is included in the HERCULES NIL without requiring additional imprint stamp manufacturing equipment. As a special feature, the tool can be upgraded with a Class 1* (ISO 3) capable mini-environment to guarantee the lowest defect rates and highest-quality master replication.

By providing a complete NIL solution for high-volume manufacturing, the HERCULES NIL strengthens EVG’s leadership position in full-area NIL equipment solutions.
*according to US FED STD 209E


  • Enables mass manufacturing of ≥ 40 nm* structures
  • Combines pre-processing (clean / coat / bake / chill) and SmartNIL®
  • Volume-proven imprinting technology with superior replication fidelity
  • Fully automated imprinting and controlled low-force detachment for maximum working stamp reusability
  • Includes working stamp manufacturing capability
  • Fastest curing times due to high-power light source
  • Optimized modular platform for high throughput

*resolution dependent on process and template 


Technical Data

Wafer diameter (substrate size in mm)
100 up to 200
Resolution (nm)
≤ 40 (resolution dependent upon template and process)
Supported Process
Exposure source
High-power LED (i-line) > 400 mW/cm²
≤ ± 3 µm
Automated separation
All pre-processing modules available
Mini environment and climate control
Working stamp fabrication

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