CSTIC 2024

Listen to our talk "Hybrid Wafer-to-Wafer and Die-to-Wafer Technology for Heterogenous Integration Applications" held by Dr. Dragoi in Symposium VII: Packaging and Assembly.

SEMICON China 2024

Meet EVG at booth #3131 at SEMICON China 2024!

OLED Korea & eXtended Reality Korea 2024

Listen to our Talk "Unlocking New Possibilities: Nanoimprint Lithography for AR/VR/XR Waveguide Fabrication" held by Senior Process Technology Engineer Schuster Patrick on March, 29 at the eXtended Reality Korea.

EVG NIL Technology Day 2024 in the Netherlands

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


CS / PIC / PE International Conference 2024

Visit us at our booth at the CS / PIC and PE International Conference and listen to our talks:

"Heterogenous Integration of Compound Semiconductors by W2W and D2W Bonding" held by Business Development Manager Anton Alexeev at the CS Conference.

"Advances in PIC Manufacturing for Sensing and Datacom Applications – All Thanks to Nanoimprint Lithography" held by Business Development Manager Thomas Achleitner at the PIC Conference.

"Cost-effective SiC substrate manufacturing for power devices enabled by oxide-free wafer bonding" held by Business Development Manager Bernd Dielacher at the PE Conference.

EVG NIL Technology Day 2024 in Grenoble

Wednesday, April 24, 2024