EVG® LED光学露光


LED UV Exposure Optics




  • 即時オン/オフ
  • 長い光源寿命
  • 低消費電力
  • 窒素冷却が不要
  • 個別に調整可能な排出ライン
  • 低い運転費と維持費


比較 マトリックス

   Mercury Lamp  LED Lamp
WavelengthStandard emission spectrum (i-, g-, h-line), filters to select specific linesConfigurable for i-line only, g- and h-line only or broad band (i-, g- and h-line)
Wafer SizeUp to 200 mmUp to 200 mm
MaintenanceHigh, regular changes of the lamp are neededLow, no scheduled LED replacement or adjustment
Heat EmissionHigh, N2 or CDA cooling required, exhaust requiredLow, no active N2 or CDA cooling required, no exhaust required
EnvironmentMercury, high energy consumption, hazardous materialSolid State LED, low energy consumption
R&D FriendlinessAlways on (recommended), Exposure by shutter open/closeInstant On/Off for exposure only(shutter free)
Operating CostHigh, due to N2 / CDA consumption, exhaust requirement and regular lamp changes by trained maintenance staffLow, no consumables and long lifetime


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