Single Wafer Cleaning System

R&D type single wafer cleaning system

The EVG301 semi-automated single wafer cleaning system employs one cleaning station, which cleans wafers using standard DI-water rinse as well as megasonic, brush and diluted chemicals as additional cleaning options. With manual loading and pre-alignment, the EVG301 is a versatile R&D-type system for flexible cleaning procedures and 300 mm capability. The EVG301 system can be combined with EVG's wafer alignment and bonding systems to eliminate any particle prior to wafer bonding. Spinner chucks are available for different wafer and substrate sizes to allow easy setup for different processes.


  • High-efficiency cleaning using 1 MHz megasonic nozzles or area transducers (option)
  • Diluted chemicals for wafer cleaning
  • Prevents cross-contamination from back to front side
  • Fully software controlled cleaning process
  • Options
    • Pre-bonding station with IR-inspection for substrates up to 200 mm
    • Tooling for non-SEMI standard substrates

Technical Data

Wafer diameter (substrate size)
200, 100 - 300 mm
Cleaning system
Open chamber, spinner and cleaning arm
Chamber: made of PP or PFA (option)
Cleaning media: DI-water (standard), other cleaning media (option)
Spinner chuck: vacuum chuck (standard) and edge handling chuck (option) made of metal ion free and clean materials
Rotation: up to 3000 rpm (in 5 sec)
Megasonic nozzle
Frequency: 1 MHz (3 MHz option)
Output power: 30 - 60 W
DI-water flow rate: up to 1.5 liter/min
Effective cleaning area: Ø 4.0 mm
Material: PTFE
Megasonic area transducer
Frequency: 1 MHz (3 MHz option)
Output power: max. 2.5 W/cm² active areas (max. output 200 W)
DI-water flow rate: up to 1.5 liter/min
Effective cleaning area: triangle shape that guarantees radio uniformity on whole wafers per each rotation
Material: SS and sapphire
Material: PVA
Programmable parameters: brush and wafer speed (rpm)
Adjustable parameters (brush compression, media dispense)

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