Automated Production Bonding System for SOI

Automated production bonding system for a wide range of fusion/molecular wafer bonding applications

SOI wafers are a promising new basic material for the microelectronics industry to produce faster and higher-performance microelectronic devices. Wafer bonding, as one key enabling technology for the SOI wafer fabrication process, achieves high-quality single-crystal silicon films on insulating substrates. With the EVG850 SOI production bonding system, all essential steps for SOI bonding – from cleaning and alignment to pre-bonding and IR-inspection – are combined. Thus, the EVG850 assures a high-yield production process for void-free SOI wafers up to 300 mm sizes. Being the only production system built to operate in high-throughput, high-yield environments, the EVG850 has been established as the industry standard in the SOI wafer market.


  • Production system built to operate in high-throughput, high-yield environments
  • Automated cassette-to-cassette or FOUP-to-FOUP operation
  • Contamination-free backside handling
  • Megasonic and/or brush cleaning
  • Pre-bonding with mechanical flat or notch alignment
  • Advanced remote diagnostics

Technical Data

Wafer diameter (substrate size)
100 - 200, 150 - 300 mm
Fully-automated cassette-to-cassette operation
Pre-bonding chamber
Alignment type: flat-to-flat or notch-to-notch
Alignment accuracy: X and Y: ± 50 µm, Theta: ± 0.1 °
Bond force: up to 5 N
Bond wave initiation position: flexible from wafer edge to center
Vacuum system: 9x10-2 mbar (standard) and 9x10-3 mbar (option with turbo pump)
Cleaning station
Cleaning Method: rinse (standard), megasonic nozzle, megasonic area transducer, jet nozzle, brush (optional)
Chamber: made of PP or PFA (option)
Cleaning media: DI-water (standard), NH4OH and H2O2 with max. 2 % concentration (option)
Spinner chuck: vacuum chuck (standard) and edge handling chuck (option) made of metal ion free and clean materials
Rotation: up to 3000 rpm (in 5 s)
Cleaning arm: for up to 5 media lines (1 megasonic system uses 2 lines)
Optional features
ISO 3 mini-environment (according to ISO 14644)
LowTemp™ plasma activation chamber
IR-inspection station

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