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Development and Manufacturing of Innovative Photonic Device Solutions

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EVG’s NILPhotonics Competence Center is a flexible cooperation model that leverages EVG’s equipment and process knowhow gained through many years of experience to support the diversified needs of the photonics market. It is EVG’s goal to develop customer and industry partnerships, conjointly overcome challenges, and shorten the time to market for innovative photonic devices and applications. EVG has a particular focus on making the benefits of NIL accessible to the photonics community as it has proven to be an enabling solution for a number of novel photonic devices. EVG has a global partner network to draw from to support its customers’ process integration and optimization efforts across the NIL infrastructure, including template, resist materials and supporting metrology. Multidisciplinary teams provide an in-depth understanding of material interactions and surface chemistry as well as process and equipment requirements for scaling from first feasibility to volume production. As a result, EVG is able to provide consultation and support during process development and ramp-up to pilot manufacturing.


  • Master Template Development
  • Imprint Process Development for UV Nano Imprint and UV Molding
  • Prototyping / Pilot Line Manufacturig
  • Metrology for Imprint Process Qualification and Prototyping
  • Materials Qualification and Optimization
EVG's state-of-the art cleanroom facilities for process development

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