EVG®6200∞ BA

Automated Bond Alignment System

Automated bond alignment system for wafer-to-wafer alignment for pilot and volume production

The EVG bond alignment systems offer the highest precision, flexibility and ease of use, modular upgrade capability, and have been qualified in numerous high-throughput production environments. The precision of EVG bond aligners accommodates the most demanding alignment processes in MEMS production and in emerging fields like 3D integration applications.


  • Suitable for all EVG 200 mm bond systems
  • Supports bond alignment of double or triple wafer stacks up to 200 mm wafer sizes
  • Manual or motorized alignment stage with automatic alignment option
  • Fully motorized high-resolution bottom-side microscopes
  • Windows® based user interface
  • Options
    • Automatic alignment
    • IR alignment for inner substrate key alignment
    • NanoAlign® package for enhanced process capabilities
    • Available with system rack
    • Upgrade possibility to mask aligner
EVG6200 BA

Technical Data

General system configuration
System rack: optional
Vibration isolation: passive
Alignment methods
Backside alignment: ± 2 µm 3 σ
Transparent alignment: ± 1 µm 3 σ
IR alignment: option
Alignment stage
Precision micrometers: manual
Optional: motorized micrometers
Wedge compensation: automated
Substrate / Wafer parameters
Size: 2", 3", 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
Thickness: 0,1 - 10 mm
Max. stack height: 10 mm
Automatic alignment
Handling system
Standard: 3 cassette stations
Optional: up to 5 stations

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