The limits of the possible drive our daily work.

EVG Insider

At EVG, we are constantly pushing ourselves to do new things. Curiosity is part of our DNA. We are looking for employees who are like us: Practical thinkers and hands-on people with common sense.

Insider, the (noun, pl.)[ˈɪnsaɪ̯dɐ]

Insiders are those who belong. Insiders know the codes, the rules and share a common sense of humor.
Insiders belong together, are a team that understands each other intuitively. Insiders share their own world.  
Synonyms: the insiders, the experts

From the smartphone that connects us to the world to the car that takes us safely to our destination thanks to modern systems: the technology and machines that EVG develops and manufactures in St. Florian am Inn and delivers all over the world make our everyday lives safer, easier and more exciting. We have confidentiality agreements with many of our customers, and it is not unusual for us to be working on technologies that will not be launched in the market for at least five years. As an EVG Insider, you are part of these developments and part of our future.

Christoph — Assembling Engineer and Insider at EVG

"During the first few weeks I was fascinated with what goes into creating our final product that no one on the outside can see."

Christoph - Insider at EVG

Susanne — Customer Support Assistant and Insider at EVG

"The very welcoming kindergarten, which my daughter can use all year round, is an enormous support in my daily work and allows me to flexibly schedule my tasks"

Susanne - Insider at EVG

Viorel — Chief Scientist und Insider bei EVG

"In my 20 years with EVG I have witnessed tremendous growth - in 2002 my team was a group of 11 people, of which 9 are still with the company. The technology team has since expanded to about 150 people"

Viorel - Insider at EVG

Martina — Final Preparation and Insider at EVG

"I am happy to have joined a company that has positioned itself well in the global market and where there are bright future prospects for me in terms of job security."

Martina - Insider at EVG

Marta — Process Development Specialist and Insider at EVG

"If someone asks me what I do at EVG: I joined the company as a career jumper and work in the laboratory in a clean room, supporting the processes with my measurements."

Marta - Insiderin bei EVG

Venkata — Business Development Manager and Insider at EVG

"Everyone here makes you feel welcome - it's an unwritten rule that everyone comes and talks with you, no one just walks by."

Venkata - Insider at EVG


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