Maskless Exposure Lithography System

LITHOSCALE® is a revolutionary, highly versatile maskless exposure lithography platform geared for a variety of microfabrication applications accommodating wafers up to 300 mm.

The LITHOSCALE system featuring EV Group’s MLE™ maskless exposure technology tackles legacy bottlenecks by combining powerful digital processing that enables real-time data transfer and immediate exposure, high structuring resolution and throughput scalability. Its mask-free approach eliminates mask-related consumables, while the exposure system with its tunable solid-state laser source is designed for high redundancy and long life-time stability with unique auto-calibration capabilities that minimize maintenance. Powerful real-time digital processing enables immediate exposure from the design-file to the substrate – thereby avoiding hours of conversion time for each digital mask layout.  LITHOSCALE features high-resolution (<2µm L/S), dynamically die-level addressable exposure of the entire substrate surface, which enables agile consumable-free processing and low cost of ownership (CoO). The LITHOSCALE system integrates full-wafer top-and-backside alignment utilizing dedicated objectives with visible and IR capability and proprietary chuck designs accommodating wafer sizes up to 300 mm. The system features dynamic alignment modes with an automatic focus, in order to adapt to the substrate material and surface variations. The ability to finely control focus level position keeps sidewalls steep as well as desired 3D contour of the resist, while preventing edge topping and footing. Large working distance and automatic adaptive focus ensures patterning uniformity across the exposure surface. It also offers individualized die processing capability, while fast full-field positioning and dynamic alignment enable high scalability for a range of substrate sizes and shapes.


  • Wafer/substrate size up to 300 mm/12’’
  • Resolution capability < 2 µm L/S
  • Equipped with MLE technology featuring high-end diffraction-limited optics
  • Exposure spectrum of 375-nm and/or 405-nm wavelength; user definable either as single, broadband or any kind of wavelength mixture
  • Regularly monitored and auto-calibrated solid-state light source securing its long-life-time stability and high redundancy
  • Advanced alignment modes supporting top-side and bottom-side VIS and IR alignment capability
  • Depth of focus control (DoF) < 24 µm
  • Adaptive autofocus control (AF) < 100 µm
  • High-precision field proven alignment stage embedding high-tech mechatronics and calibration sensors for entire system stability
  • Advanced software features including:
    • Dynamic die-level annotation
    • Advanced distortion compensation
    • Mask-file transfer and recipe execution via host/flexible per each wafer
    • Layout transformation function
    • Alternative format files support: Gerber, ODB++, OASIS
  • Automated contactless wedge compensation sequence
  • Scalable solution accommodating R&D and high-volume manufacturing (HVM) needs in one system without adding to footprint
  • Consumables-free technology

Technical Data

Minimum Feature Size to Pattern
CD: ≤ 2 µm
Alignment Modes
Top Side Alignment Mode: ≤ ± 1 μm
Bottom Side Alignment Mode: ≤ ± 2 μm
IR Alignment: ≤ ± 1.5 μm
Exposure Spectrum (single, broadband or any kind of mixture)
375 + 405 nm
Wafer diameter (substrate size)
Up to 300 mm
Wedge Compensation
Depth of Focus [DoF]: 24 µm
Autofocus [AF]: 100 µm
Dynamic alignment modes [DAM]
Global Alignment
Multi-point Alignment
Advanced LITHOSCALE Features
Digital mask file transfer & recipe execution via host/ flexible per each wafer
Dynamic annotation function
Autofocus function
Advanced distortion function
Layout transformation function
Gerber file format support
ODB++ file format support
OASIS file format support
Industrial Automation Features
System control
Operation system: Windows
File sharing & back-up solution / unlimited no. of recipes & parameters
Flexible process flow definition
Easy drag and drop recipe programming
Parallel processing of multiple jobs
Multi-language user GUI & support: CN, DE, FR, IT, JP, KR
Real-time remote access, diagnostics & troubleshooting
Smart process control & data analysis features - Framework Software Platform
Integrated analysis features for process and machine control
Parallel task/ queuing task processing feature
Equipment and process performance tracking feature
Smart handling features
Occurences & alarms analysis
Smart maintenace management & tracking

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