EVG®520 IS

Wafer Bonding System

Single or dual chamber wafer bonding system for low volume production

The EVG520 IS single-chamber unit handles wafers up to 200 mm with semi-automated operation for small-volume-production applications. Redesigned based on customer feedback and EV Group's continuous technological innovations, the EVG520 IS features EV Group's proprietary symmetric rapid heating and cooling chuck design. Advantages such as independent top- and bottom-side heater, high-pressure-bonding capability, and the same material and process flexibility as on manual systems contribute to the success of all wafer bonding processes.


  • Fully automated processing with manual loading and unloading including external cooling station
  • Compatible with EVG mechanical and optical aligners
  • Single- or double-chamber automated system
  • Fully automated bond process execution and bond cover movements
  • Integrated cooling station for high throughput
  • Options:
    • High vacuum capability (1E-6 mbar)
    • Programmable mass flow controller
    • Integrated cooling

Technical Data

Max Contact Force
10, 20, 60, 100 kN
Heater size 150 mm 200 mm
Minimum substrate dimension single chips 100 mm
Standard: 1E-5 mbar
Optional: 1E-6 mbar
Max. temperature (°C)
Standard: 550
Optional: 650
Single chips processing
Bond chuck system / Alignment system
150 mm heater: EVG®610, EVG®620, EVG®6200
200 mm heater: EVG®6200, SmartView® NT
Active water cooling
Top and bottom
Power supply for anodic bonding
Max. voltage: 2 kV
Max. current: 50 mA
Loading chamber
Max. bond chambers

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