Automated Single Wafer Cleaning System

Automated single wafer cleaning system for efficient removal of particles

The EVG320 automated single wafer cleaning system handles wafers and substrates automatically between the process stations. The robot handling system ensures pre-alignment and loading of the wafers automatically in a cassette-to-cassette or FOUP-to-FOUP operation. Besides Di-water rinse, configuration options include megasonic, brush and diluted chemicals cleaning.


  • Up to four cleaning stations
  • Fully automated cassette-to-cassette or FOUP-to-FOUP handling
  • Edge handling for double-sided cleaning processes available (option)
  • High-efficiency cleaning using 1 MHz megasonic nozzles or area transducers (option)
  • Advanced remote diagnostics
  • Prevents cross-contamination from back to front side
  • Fully software controlled cleaning process

Technical Data

Wafer diameter (substrate size)
200, 100 - 300 mm
Cleaning system
Open chamber, spinner and cleaning arm
Chamber: made of PP or PFA (option)
Cleaning media: DI-water (standard), other cleaning media (option)
Spinner chuck: vacuum chuck (standard) and edge handling chuck (option) made of metal ion free and clean materials
Rotation: up to 3000 rpm (in 5 sec)
Megasonic nozzle
Frequency: 1 MHz (3 MHz option)
Output power: 30 - 60 W
DI-water flow rate: up to 1.5 liter/min
Effective cleaning area: Ø 4.0 mm
Material: PTFE
Megasonic area transducer
Frequency: 1 MHz (3 MHz option)
Output power: max. 2.5 W/cm² active areas (max. output 200 W)
DI-water flow rate: up to 1.5 liter/min
Effective cleaning area: triangle shape that guarantees radio uniformity on whole wafers per each rotation
Material: SS and sapphire
Material: PVA
Programmable parameters: brush and wafer speed (rpm)
Adjustable parameters (brush compression, media dispense)
Automated wafer handling system
The field proven class 1 compatible wafer handling robot on EVG®320 enables 24 hour automated cassette-to-cassette or FOUP-to-FOUP operation for the highest throughput. Surfaces in contact with wafers do not cause any metal ion contamination.
Optional features
ISO 3 mini-environment (according to ISO 14644)

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