GEMINI® Automated Production Wafer Bonding System

For fully automated and integrated wafer loading, alignment, bonding and unloading of bonded wafers.


A maximum level of automation and process integration is achieved by the GEMINI Automated Production Wafer Bonding System. Wafer-to-wafer alignment and wafer bonding processes up to 200 mm (300 mm) for volume manufacturing are all performed in one fully automated platform. Device manufacturers benefit from increased production output, a high integration level and a big choice of process variations like anodic, silicon fusion, thermo-compression and eutectic bonding.


  • Fully automated and integrated platform for wafer-to-wafer alignment and wafer bonding
  • Configuration options for bottom side, IR or SmartView alignment
  • Multiple bonding chambers
  • Wafer handling system is separated from bond chuck handling system
  • Modular design with swap-in modules
  • Combines all benefits from EVG's precision aligners and EVG500 series systems
  • Minimized footprint compared to stand-alone systems
  • Options:
    - LowTempplasma bonding
    - Wafer cleaning
    - Coat module
    - UV bond module