EV Group技术


For nearly 40 years, EVG has provided industry-leading process technologies and solutions that have enabled innovations in advanced packaging, optics and photonics, sensors and bio-medical devices and applications.

True to our Triple-i philosophy of “Invent”, “Innovate” and “Implement”, our core lithography, wafer bonding and metrology technologies enable manufacturers to develop the latest micro- and nanotechnology device breakthroughs, and then bring them into high-volume production, cost effectively and at high process yields.

Core technologies

MLE™ - MaskLess Exposure
MLE™ - 无掩模曝光技术

Moving beyond traditional mask-based lithoghraphy toward digital lithography technology

纳米压印光刻(NIL)- SmartNIL®

A large-area soft UV-nanoimprint lithography process for high-volume manufacturing


Market-leading WLO manufacturing portfolio, including step-and-repeat mastering, lens molding, nanoimprint lithography and stacking

EVG Optical Lithography

The most complete technology portfolio, supporting a maximum range of requirements in optical lithography


Resist processing technology together with patterning are the most repeated steps in semiconductor manufacturing


Temporary bonding and debonding enabling backside processing for 3D integration


Eutectic wafer bonding for reliable hermetic sealing


Low-temperature metal wafer bonding by Transient Liquid Phase (TLP)


Anodic bonding for interlayer-free Si-glass bonding


Metal diffusion bonding for precise interfaces and alignment


Fusion and Hybrid Bonding for engineered substrates and 3D device integration

Die-to-Wafer Fusion and Hybrid Bonding

Collective and direct-placement die-to-wafer bonding

EVG ComBond®
ComBond® 技术

A breakthrough technology driving the bonding of “anything on anything” enabling emerging and “beyond CMOS” device designs

EVG Metrology

Process control and optimization for lithography and bonding