Insiders know what the future has in store.

EV Group招贤纳士How do I become an Insider?

How do I become an Insider?

Are you curious about which technological developments are still ahead of us? Do you want to become an EVG Insider? Then apply now. Our current job offers might already feature the right position for you.

But maybe we don't even know that we need you on our team. Send us an unsolicited application and we will have a look in which area of our company you can contribute your skills and develop them further.

Our application process goes through 4 stages.

Sending in your application 

We will review your completed documents and consider which employment opportunities we can offer you at EVG. We will consider all possible fields of work at EVG during this process.

We will invite you to a first interview.

There is no need to get nervous. Together with the HR and technical departments, this interview serves to shed light on which position ideally suits you and to answer your questions.

If we are convinced that you are a good fit for us, we will prepare an assessment day for you. Here you can get a direct insight into the department, your future workplace, and talk to your colleagues. In a final meeting, we will talk about your impressions of the day.

If the assessment day has been positively concluded by both sides, you will receive a call in the next few days with a specific contract offer and an invitation to join EVG. From that day on, we will be part of the same team. From that day on, you are an insider.

We look forward to meeting you.

Become an insider - our open positions

In the individual job listings, click on "Apply now" to go directly to the application form where you can enter your data and attach your completed documents (cover letter, résumé, training references, personal references, certificates, etc.) as PDF files.


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