EVG®120 Automated Resist Processing System

Compact, cost effective system for start of production and limited cleanroom space.


The new EVG120 universal and fully-automated resist processing tool is capable of processing various substrate shapes and sizes up to 200 mm / 8". This new generation of the EVG120 comes in a new ultra-compact design and increased throughput capability, optimized for high volume customer needs and ready for utilization in high volume production (HVM). The EVG® 120 resist processing system provides users with an elaborate set of benefits that is simply not found in any other tool and guarantees highest quality standards in various fields of application at a remarkably low cost of ownership.


  • Ultra-compact design for minimal footprint
  • Versatile combinations of multifunctional modules for spin and spray coating, developing, bake and chill provide great opportunities in many fields of application
  • Flexible resist processing tool for a wide range of process variations
  • CoverSpinTM technology for best spin coating results
  • EV Group's proprietary Omni Spray® ultrasonic atomization technology provides unmatched process results when it comes to conformal coating of extreme topographies
  • Megasonic technology for cleaning, sono-chemical processing and developing improves process efficiency and lowers the process time from hours to minutes
  • Sophisticated and field-proven robot handling with dual end-effector capability ensures continuous high throughput
  • EVG Framework based smart process scheduling capability
  • Excellent  process development support & service