Photolithography Systems

The company's key competencies in lithographic technology lie in the high-throughput contact and proximity exposure capabilities of its mask aligners (EVG600, EVG6000, EVG IQ series) and in its highly integrated coating platform (EVG100 series). All of EVG's lithography equipment platforms are 300mm ready, can be fully integrated into its HERCULES lithography track systems, and are complemented by its metrology tools for top-to-bottomside alignment verification.

Other important advancements by EV Group in the lithography space include the company's special resist coating technologies - OmniSpray and, most recently, the revolutionary NanoSpray™. Not only do these unique technologies allow for extremely conformal coatings over high-topography structures - for example, through-silicon-via (TSV) structures with an aspect ratio of 1:5 (W:H) - but, ultimately, they enable customers to realize significantly reduced fabrication costs.