EVG®540 Automated Wafer Bonding System

Configurable for all wafer bonding processes such as anodic, thermo compression, fusion bonding, or LowTemp plasma bonding.


The EVG540 Automated Wafer Bonding System is an automated single-chamber production bonder designed for pilot line and manufacturing as well as R&D for high volume manufacturing in Wafer Level Packaging, 3D-Interconnect and MEMS applications. Based on modular design the EVG540 provides a proven solution for later transition of wafer bonding processes from R&D stage to large-scale manufacturing on our fully integrated production bonding systems.


  • Fully-automated processing with automated loading and unloading bond chucks
  • Single chamber production bonder
  • Automatic handling of up to four bond chucks
  • Compliant to high safety standards
  • Modular bond chamber design
  • Active bottom side cooling