Process Technology

If the heart of our company, in the shape of EVG’s precision equipment, is brought into being by our machining center and manufacturing, the process technology department brings it to life. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop the individual production processes to handle wafers (i.e. thin discs made of silicon, glass or other materials) on our tools. Specific materials, processing time, air pressure, speed of rotation, temperature – the adjustment possibilities of our process engineers are manifold.

Our large, state-of-the-art cleanrooms – the size of which has grown steadily over the years and is currently expanding even more – provide ambient conditions similar to those found in the worldwide semiconductor fabs to perform equipment demonstrations and tests as well as small- to medium-scale pilot-line production for customers. 

Our staff members in the process technology teams are as varied as the expectations of our customers. Engineers with a technical college education all the way through to PhDs, process engineers, materials specialists and patent experts work hand in hand in tune with the times to realize our customers’ visions together with them.

Process technology engineers at work