Customer Support

Our equipment is shipped around the world – from Shanghai to Stuttgart and New York – and we support our customers through a worldwide customer support network. Wherever our tools are installed or production customers need to be supported, our employees are on duty too. On occasion, a service engineer might have to travel from Japan via France to the United States. In our opinion a job could hardly be more international and exciting! And our customer support department is just as varied and colorful as our customers. We are united by our passion for customer satisfaction coupled with our aspirations to achieve outstanding technical accomplishments. In our field service, technical support, training, and parts and services teams, we take care of all kinds of customer requirements: we handle spare part inquiries and upgrades, and we provide staff trainings and technical assistance – to name just a few examples of our many responsibilities.

Every day is different. You interact a lot with people – and on business trips, you also experience new cultures (and have time for some occasional sightseeing !). This is exactly what makes the work in the customer support team at EVG so exciting.

EVG Customer Support

Colleagues talk about their jobs

“From San Diego to Sydney – I’ve seen everything already! Our equipment is being installed worldwide, and I especially like the fact that I have to deal with new tasks every day because each customer develops and manufactures different products with our tools. The coolest thing in my job is that, after finishing work and during the weekends, I can explore interesting cities and meet new people.”

Installation & Support Engineer

“The work at EVG’s headquarters, as well as the interaction with our worldwide subsidiaries, is highly varied and very exciting. Moreover, we have a young, motivated team, which is a lot of fun to work with.”

Employee in Parts & Service