Building machines that transform the future.

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The future of our work lies beyond the limits of what's possible. Develop technologies that improve our lives. Build machines that change our future. For the big players in the high-tech industry.

EVG employs more than 1,100 people worldwide, including over 900 at our headquarters in St. Florian am Inn, in a modern, inspiring environment.

At heart, we are a classic mechanical engineering company - and yet we are significantly involved in creating future technologies. Our precision machines are used in many applications worldwide, including the production of camera chips, position and motion sensors, microphones and displays for smartphones, virtual reality glasses and game consoles. 

In addition, we help enabling airbag sensors and central components for driver assistance systems as well as pioneering products for biotechnology and medical technology, such as microfluidic chips for blood analysis directly at the doctor's office or for DNA analysis for the early detection of diseases.

We manufacture special machines for wafer processing in the semiconductor industry, microsystems technology and nanotechnology. With their help, microchips of all kinds, as well as other electronic, micro-mechanical or optical components with microscopically fine structures are produced on thin wafers made of silicon, glass or similar materials. 

In the heart of the Innviertel region in Upper Austria, we offer the amenities of a global company.