EVG® ZoneBOND® Process Modules

For thin wafer debonding. 


EVG's breakthrough EZR® (Edge Zone Release) and EZD® (Edge Zone Debond) process modules provide a superior approach for temporary wafer bonding, thin wafer processing, and debonding applications - overcoming the last remaining limitations associated with thin wafer processing. 

Benefits of EVG's TB/DB equipment solutions and open materials platform include:

  • the use of silicon, glass and other carriers
  • compatibility with existing, field-proven adhesive platforms
  • ability to debond at room temperature with no vertical force being applied to the device wafer.

The concept defines two distinctive zones on the carrier wafer surface with strong adhesion in the perimeter (edge zone) and minimal adhesion in the center zone. As a result, low separation force is only required for carrier separation once the polymeric edge adhesive has been removed by solvent dissolution or other means.



  • Compatible with both Si and glass carriers
  • No needs for perforated carriers
  • Compatible with thermoplastic adhesives
  • Compatible with existing adhesives platforms (e.g., HT.10.10)
  • No mechanical separation between product wafer and adhesive (separation at the carrier)
  • Post-debond cleaning possible