Wafer Level Optics

In modern electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, portable gaming consoles, laptops or netbooks, micro-optical systems are decisive interfaces between the real world and the microelectronics of the image sensor inside a camera module. At present, the general concept of a camera module assembly undergoes a transition from discrete assembly to wafer-level integration using well-established semiconductor technologies. Wafer-level cameras have already started to replace conventional modules due to smaller form factors and lower cost performance ratios.

  Master stamp fabrication
Master stamps are wafer-size templates fully populated with microlens molds each replicated from one single lens template in a step-and-repeat (S&R) approach. Starting out from a single lens master made out of metal or glass, EV Group offers a process flow which covers all essential process steps for the fabrication of master stamps featuring unmatched lens position accuracies of <100nm and high lens shape repeatabilities required for the fabrication of high-end wafer level camera modules.

Individual S&R process steps featured by EV Group:  

  • High precision positioning of single lens template across the wafer
  • Droplet dispense of master stamp material
  • Wedge compensated force or distance controlled high-precision first imprint
  • UV exposure
  • Demolding


Please see our related product EVG®770 Gen II NILStepper for detailed information.

UV Microlens Molding
Soft UV Imprint Lithography is a highly parallel technique for the fabrication of polymeric microlenses, the key elements of wafer level optical systems. Starting out from soft working stamps replicated from wafer-size master stamps, EV Group offers hybrid and monolithic microlens molding processes which can be easily adapted to various material combinations for working stamp and microlens materials. In addition, EV Group offers a qualified microlens molding process including all relevant material know-how.

Individual UV Molding process steps featured by EV Group:

  • Puddle dispense of optical pre-polymer
  • Wedge compensated force or distance controlled aligned imprint
  • UV exposure
  • Demolding

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Soft UV Imprint Lithography Setup for single and double side lens molding. Source: EVG.

Single side 300mm lens wafer fabricated by Soft UV Imprint Lithography. Source EVG.