EVG®770 Automated NIL Stepper

For step and repeat large area UV-Nanoimprinting processes (UV-NIL).


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Technical Papers

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Nanoimprint lithography a next generation high volume lithography technique

Abstract: Nanoimprint Lithography has been demonstrated to be one of the most promising next generation techniques for large-area structure replication in the nanometer scale. This fast and low cost method becomes an increasingly important instrument for fabrication of biochemistry, µ-fluidic, µ-TAS and telecommunication devices, as well as for a wide variety of fields in the nm range, like biomedical, nano-fluidics, nano-optical applications, data storage, etc...

Transition of MEMS technology to nanofabrication
Abstract: The transition of MEMS technology to nano fabrication is a solution to the growing demand for smaller and high-density feature sizes in the nanometer scale. Techniques for fabricating µm-, and nm-features will be discussed, and results achieved with nanoimprinting technologies will be presented...