EVG®770 Automated NIL Stepper

For step and repeat large area UV-Nanoimprinting processes (UV-NIL).


  • Processes: Hard UV NIL, Soft UV NIL and Mirco Contact Printing
  • Alignment capability:
    Standard: 500 nm overlay alignment accuracy
    Fine Alignment: 300 nm (optional)
    First Print Alignment: <200 nm
  • Imprint environment
    Vacuum down to < 50 mbar (patent pending)
    Inert gases like Argon or Helium
  • UV exposure
    Broad band exposure
    Lamp intensity: ~ 20 mW/cm2
    Wavelength: 300 nm to 500 nm
    Exposure through transparent stamp
  • Resist processing
  • Handling
    Automated: Substrate loading/ unloading fully automated from FOUP or SMIF pods (Semi Standards)
    Automated template loading is standard on all systems (e.g. semi and fully-automated)