EVG®501 Wafer Bonding System

Configurable for all wafer bonding processes such as anodic, thermo compression, fusion bonding, or LowTemp™ plasma bonding.


  • Heater size = Max. wafer diameter: 150mm or 200mm
  • Min. wafer diameter:
    150mm heater: single chips;
    200mm heater: 100mm
  • Bond chuck system / Alignment system:
    150 mm heater: EVG610, EVG620, EVG6200
    200 mm heater: EVG6200, MBA300, Smart View
  • Max. contact force: 10kN, 20 kN
  • Max. temperature: 450°C
  • Vacuum: 0,1 mbar (standard), 1 E-5 (optional)
  • Power supply for anodic bonding: 0-2000 V, 0-50 mA
  • Loading chamber: manual
  • Process (recipe) compatible with GEMINI
  • Max. number of bond chambers: 1
  • Customer / application: R&D / Pilot line production