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EV Group招贤纳士工作环境Information Technology

Information Technology

A company cannot be better than its IT environment. That's why we are constantly improving not only our equipment for our customers, but also our infrastructure and our IT systems. True to the motto "standstill is regression", IT is always moving the company ahead.

"To help shape the IT in our company - which works front and center to enable new technologies for the IT, medical and industrial sector - is motivating, challenging and highly interesting. Coupled with very social job benefits such as flexible working hours, a company restaurant and childcare facility, it makes for a creative workplace."

Michael - Insider at EVG

"At EVG, I particularly appreciate the variety of topics at my job, be it collaborating with colleagues in different projects or implementing new applications. Thus, fun at work is guaranteed and it doesn’t get boring."

Maximilian - Insider at EVG