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Our Impact

Who we are

High-tech in Austria’s “Innviertel”

At our heart we are a classic machine engineering company – even though our glass facade doesn’t give this away at first sight and there is a constant stream of visitors from the biggest electronics manufacturers of the world. On the other hand, we don’t build just any machines – without EVG’s technology, many high-tech products would not be possible at all! We are at the front line of many megatrends of our times – from self-driving cars to augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

EVG employs more than 1000 employees worldwide, more than 800 of which are at EVG’s headquarters in St. Florian am Inn, in a modern, inspiring environment in tune with the times!

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What we do

Machine building for the global high-tech industry

EVG’s product portfolio includes wafer processing equipment for the semiconductor industry, and process solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanotechnology. With our technology, all kinds of microchips, as well as other electronic, micro-mechanical or optical components with microscopically small structures, are produced on thin discs, so-called “wafers” made of silicon, glass or similar materials.

At global customer sites, our precision machines are used to produce core components such as camera chips, sensors, microphones and displays for smartphones, virtual reality glasses and games consoles. Additional examples of products made with our technology include airbag sensors, central components of advanced driver assistance systems of modern cars, as well as increasingly groundbreaking bio/medical products such as microfluidic chips for blood analysis directly at the doctor’s practice or DNA analysis for the early diagnosis of diseases.

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Round tour at EVG headquarters

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