IQ Aligner®

Automated UV Nanoimprint Lithography System

High-precision UV imprinting system for wafer-level lens molding and stacking

The IQ Aligner UV-NIL System allows for micromolding and nanoimprinting processes with stamps and wafers from 150 mm to 300 mm diameters and is well suited for highly parallel fabrication of polymeric microlenses. Starting out from soft working stamps replicated from wafer-size master stamps, the system offers hybrid and monolithic microlens molding processes that can be easily adapted to various material combinations for working stamp and microlens materials. In addition, EV Group offers a qualified microlens molding process, including all relevant material know-how. Uniform contact force for high-yield large-area printing is provided by EV Group's proprietary chuck design. Configurations include release mechanisms for stamps from imprinted substrates.


  • For micromolding applications of optical elements
  • For full-field nanoimprinting applications
  • Three independently controlled z-spindles for superior wedge compensation between stamp and substrate
  • Three independently controlled z-spindles for total thickness variation (TTV) control of imprint resist
  • Soft UV-NIL processes utilizing soft working stamps
  • EVG's proprietary fully automated de-embossing function
  • Resist dispense station integration
  • Bond alignment and UV-bonding capabilities
IQ Aligner

Technical Data

Wafer diameter (substrate size)
150 up to 300 mm
≤ 50 nm (resolution dependent upon template and process)
Supported Process
Soft UV-NIL, lens molding
Exposure source
Mercury light source
≤ ± 0.5 µm
Automated separation
Coating: puddle dispense (optional)
Mini environment and climate control
Working stamp fabrication

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