SOI 웨이퍼

SOI (silicon-on-insulator) is a semiconductor technology, which enables a full isolation of each electronic component on an integrated circuit by using a buried oxide layer. The heart of a SOI wafer is an ultra-thin, monocrystalline, conductive layer on a silicon wafer. All electronic operations take place on this isolated layer, enabling higher switching frequencies and lower power consumption all the while avoiding unwanted heat production. SOI chips have been used recently in consumer goods and applications, such as computing, gaming, automotive, networking and imaging, as well as generally in devices requiring ultra low power consumption.

The name "silicon-on-Insulator" for this innovative material was derived from its composition, where a thin silicon layer resides on top of an insulating, buried silicon dioxide layer. Wafer bonding is one of the most important manufacturing methods for SOI wafers, and it found its way into mass adoption given it is a cost-efficient and production-proven process.

The EVG850 production wafer bonding system is the key enabling system for successful SOI wafer production. Two wafers - a carrier and a donor wafer - are joined at room temperature under low mechanical force, low vacuum and extreme cleanliness. The subsequent annealing step forms an irreversible chemical bond. Of these two wafers, one has an oxide layer from silicon oxide (SiO 2 ). This oxide layer creates the isolator in the SOI wafer. After the two silicon wafers have been bonded in the production wafer bonder, one wafer is thinned back. This creates an ultra-thin, monocrystalline conducting silicon layer. The isolation layer below creates a thin channel that transports electrical impulses smoothly and therefore quicker and at lower power requirements. This isolation layer also avoids an undesired electron flow as it separates the transistors from the below located silicon material.


SOI wafers produced using Smart Cut® technology. Courtesy of SOITEC.

Principle drawing of an SOI wafer. Source EVG.

Phenom X4 Processor based on SOI Technology. Courtesy of AMD.