Photonic Devices


Photonics offers a new pathway to improve existing electronic devices and enables new devices, applications and sensing concepts. The photonics industry has recently seen many exciting developments that have the potential to revolutionize such industries as lighting and telecommunications. A lot of progress in photonic applications as well as the manufacturing processes and technologies is closely linked to advances in equipment capabilities. Among these, recent developments in nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and wafer bonding offer additional degrees of freedom to manufacture innovative photonic structures with the highest functionality, smallest form factors and lowest possible costs.

EVG is strongly committed to the photonics industry, and has established company initiatives and technologies to facilitate bridging the gap between photonics R&D and volume manufacturing. For example, EVG's NILPhotonics® Competence Center aims to leverage EVG's field-proven process and equipment know-how (including but not limited to NIL) to support emerging photonic applications and significantly shorten time to market through fast process implementation and optimization and through customized equipment design. In addition, EVG's process solutions address previously unmet photonic production challenges, including cost, yield and manufacturability. 


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