EVG®770 Automated NIL Stepper

For step and repeat large area UV-Nanoimprinting processes (UV-NIL).


EV Group's EVG770 Automated NIL Stepper is designed for step and repeat large area UV-Nanoimprint Lithography (UV-NIL) processes compatible for 100 mm up to 300 mm wafers. The NIL Stepper covers applications like  life science, optical components, mastering, 3D-Lithography and R&D for semiconductor devices.


  • Vacuum imprinting on a spun-on polymer layer, which eliminates defect issues caused by trapped air bubbles-ultimately resulting in superior pattern fidelity
  • Optical sensors that align the stamp and wafer into perfect parallelism for contact-free wedge compensation
  • Chuck movement via a non-contact bearing system to reduce particle contamination
  • High-precision alignment system with accuracy within +/-500 nm; Fine Alignment: 50nm (optional)
  • Load-cell measurement of embossing/de-embossing force, improving imprint uniformity and process reliability due to active force control and allowing for real-time, in-situ characterization of various commercially available resists and anti-sticking layers
  • Flexible equipment automation levels, making the NIL Stepper, an easy and economical transition from R&D to small- or high-volume manufacturing
  • De facto template form factor to shorten the fabrication turnaround time
  • Capability to support a host of commercially available resists with varying viscosities between 1 to several 1,000 mPas, improving process flexibility for micro molding and nanopatterning