EVG® ComBond® - Automated High-Vacuum Wafer Bonding System

The EVG ComBond wafer bonding platform combines several technology breakthroughs to enable the formation of bond interfaces between heterogeneous materials at room temperature while achieving excellent bonding strength and electrical conductivity.

EVG® ComBond® Automated High Vacuum Wafer Bonding System


The EVG ComBond high-vacuum wafer bonding platform marks a new milestone in EVG’s unique portfolio of wafer bonding equipment and technology in response to market needs for more sophisticated integration processes. The application areas supported by the EVG ComBond range from advanced engineered substrates, stacked solar cells and power devices to high-end MEMS packaging, high-performance logic and “beyond CMOS” devices. The modular cluster design of the EVG ComBond system allows for a highly flexible platform that can be tailored to various demanding customer needs both in R&D and high-throughput, high-volume manufacturing environments.

EVG’s breakthrough wafer activation technology and high-vacuum handling and processing allow the formation of covalent bonds at room or low temperature for fabricating engineered substrates and device structures. The EVG ComBond facilitates the bonding of heterogeneous materials with different lattice constants and coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) as well as the formation of electrically conductive bond interfaces by its unique oxide-removal process. The EVG ComBond high-vacuum technology also enables low-temperature bonding of metals, such as Aluminum, that re-oxidize quickly in ambient environments. Void-free and particle-free bond interfaces and excellent bond strength can be achieved for all material combinations.

For vacuum encapsulation using aligned wafer bonding, the EVG ComBond system advances its bonding capability through the addition of programmable dehydration bake and getter activation modules and the optical alignment module with wafer clamping. The high-vacuum handling and processing platform addresses rising demands for lower vacuum levels in leading-edge MEMS and other applications.The EVG ComBond is a real breakthrough technology that facilitates the bonding of nearly “anything on anything” in wafer form and enables emerging device designs.


  • High-vacuum, aligned, covalent bonding
    • Processing in high-vacuum environment (< 9·10-8 mbar)
    • In-situ oxide removal
    • Superior surface properties
    • Conductive bonding
    • Outstanding performance for encapsulated (MEMS) devices
    • Sub-micron face-to-face alignment accuracy 
  • Room temperature process
    • Multiple materials combination, including metals (aluminum)
    • Stress free bond interface
    • High bond strength
  • Modular system for HVM and R&D 
    • Flexible configuration
    • Fully automated

System Pictures:

EVG-ComBond-Automated-High-Vacuum-Wafer-Bonding-Platform_thumb EVG-ComBond-Automated-High-Vacuum-Wafer-Bonding-System_thumb

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  *depending on system configuration and process variables