EVG®540C2W Automated Wafer & Chip-to-Wafer Bonding System

For permanent bonding on chips to wafer (C2W) on wafer scale.


The EVG540C2W Automated Wafer & Chip-to-Wafer Bonding System is an automated chip-to-wafer bonding system designed for pilot line and manufacturing as well as R&D for high volume manufacturing. Based on modular design the EVG540C2W provides a proven solution for later transition of wafer bonding processes from R&D stage to large-scale manufacturing on our fully integrated production bonding systems.


  • Fully-automated processing with automated loading and unloading of bond chucks
  • Single chamber production bonder
  • Dedicated for chip-to-wafer and wafer-to-wafer bond processes
  • Pressure cover with programmable center point of gravity