GEMINI®FB Automated Production Fusion Bonding System

For fully automated and integrated wafer loading, alignment, bonding and unloading of bonded wafers.


Wafer-to-wafer fusion bonding for front-end-of-line 3D device stacking demands improved overlay alignment. EVG's GEMINI FB XT integrated fusion bonding system extends current standards and combines higher productivity with improved face-to-face alignment accuracy. The system features the completely new developed SmartView®NT2 bond aligner, which breaks future overlay requirements of 200nm (3σ).


  • New SmartView® face-to-face bond aligner with better than 200nm (3σ) overlay alignment
  • Process modularity allows for upgradeability of additional modules
  • Up to six pre-processing modules like Clean Module, LowTemp™ Plasma Activation Module, Alignment Verification Module and Debond Module available
  • XT Frame concept for highest throughput with EFEM (Equipment Frontend Module) and optional FSS (Foup Storage System)