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EVG is the market-leading supplier of nanoimprint lithography (NIL) equipment and integration processes. EVG pioneered and mastered NIL from a research approach more than 15 years ago, to implementation in volume production on various substrate sizes from 2 inch compound semiconductor wafers to 300 mm wafers and even on large-area panels. NIL is the most promising and cost-effective process for generating nanometer-scale-resolution patterns for a variety of commercial applications in bioMEMS, microfluidics, electronics and, most recently, various diffractive optical elements.

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UV-NIL / SmartNIL® Systems

EV Group provides a complete product line for UV-based nanoimprint lithography (UV-NIL), including different single-step imprinting systems, large-area imprinters as well as step-and-repeat systems for efficient master fabrication.

Hot Embossing Systems

EV Group’s series of high-precision hot embossing systems are based on the company’s market-leading wafer bonding technology. Hot embossing is a cost-effective and flexible fabrication technology with very high replication accuracy.

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