Wafer Level Optics

Master stamp fabrication
Master stamps are wafer-size templates fully populated with microlens molds, each replicated from one single lens template in a step-and-repeat (S&R) approach. Starting from a single lens master made out of metal or glass, EV Group offers a process flow which covers all essential process steps for the fabrication of master stamps featuring unmatched lens position accuracies of <100 nm and the high lens shape repeatability required for the fabrication of high-end wafer level camera modules.

Individual S&R process steps featured by EV Group:  

  • High precision positioning of single lens template across the wafer
  • Droplet dispense of master stamp material
  • Wedge compensated force or distance-controlled high-precision first imprint
  • UV exposure
  • Demolding


Please see our related product EVG®770 Gen II NILStepper for detailed information.

UV Microlens Molding
Soft UV Imprint Lithography is a highly parallel technique for the fabrication of polymeric microlenses, the key elements of wafer level optical systems. Starting out from soft working stamps replicated from wafer-size master stamps, EV Group offers hybrid and monolithic microlens molding processes, which can be easily adapted to various material combinations for working stamp and microlens materials. In addition, EV Group offers a qualified microlens molding process including all relevant material know-how.

Individual UV Molding process steps featured by EV Group:

  • Puddle dispense of optical pre-polymer
  • Wedge compensated force or distance-controlled aligned imprint
  • UV exposure
  • Demolding


Please see our related product IQ Aligner® for detailed information.


EVG provides market leading UV- nanoimprinting equipment with its robust and field proven SmartNIL technology. A lot of progress in photonic applications as well as the manufacturing processes and technologies is closely linked to advances in equipment capabilities. Among these, recent developments in SmartNIL offer additional degrees of freedom to manufacture innovative photonic structures with the highest functionality, smallest form factors and at high volumes. This is key to enabling diffractive optical elements (DOEs), optical waveguides and other micro- and nanophotonic elements used for 3D sensing, biometric authentication or augmented reality. With this technology, the manufacturing of extremely small features down to less than 40 nm, a wide range of structure sizes and shapes and nanopatterning of high-topography or rough surfaces is supported. Since SmartNIL incorporates multiple-use soft stamp processing, it enables unmatched throughput with considerable cost-of-ownership advantages while preserving scalability and maintenance-friendly operation. In addition, the lifetime of the master template is extended to periods comparable to masks used for optical lithography. EVG's SmartNIL redeems the long-term promise of nanoimprinting being a low-cost and high-volume alternative lithography technology for mass manufacturing of micro- and nanoscale structures.

Please see our related product EVG®720 for detailed information.


Soft UV Imprint Lithography Setup for single and double side lens molding. Source: EVG

Single side 300mm lens wafer fabricated by Soft UV Imprint Lithography. Source EVG

Micro-lens structures for CMOS image sensor modules created utilizing UV-NIL. Source: EVG

Wafer-level micro lens arrays created utilizing UV-NIL. Source: EVG

Honeycomb texturing of
Multicrystalline Silicon (mc-Si)
Courtesy of Fraunhofer ISE