Solutions for R&D

As a technology and market leader in wafer processing solutions for semiconductor, MEMS and nanotechnology applications, EVG supports partners and customers to make their ideas a reality.


EVG®620 / EVG®6200

  • Top side alignment accuracy up to ± 0.5 µm / 3σ 
     (± 0.1 µm in R&D)
  • Bottom side alignment accuracy up to ± 1.0 µm / 3σ
  • Substrate size from pieces to 150 mm 
    (100 mm to 200 mm in EVG®6200)


Nanoimprint Lithography 

EVG®620 / EVG®720

  • Nanoimprint lithography enables simple replication of various kind of structures, shapes and sizes
  • Nanoscale structures can be achieved without sophisticated and expensive optics
  • EVG®620 covers all common imprinting techniques including proprietary SmartNIL® technology
  • EVG®720 is the dedicated SmartNIL® system for advanced process development and pre-commercial upscaling



EVG®501 / EVG®510 / EVG®520 IS Bonders for R&D

  • Wafer Bonding
    • Anodic
    • Adhesive
    • Eutectic
    • Transient liquid phase
    • Thermo compression
  • Features
    • Substrates up to 200 mm
    • Forces up to 100 kN
    • Temperatures up to 550°C
    • Vacuum down to 1.10-6 mbar
    • Other options: anodic, UV curing, 650°C heaters


Hot Embossing (HE) 

EVG®500 Bonder series with hot embossing and
de-embossing tooling

  • Simultaneous replication of micro- and nanostructures
  • Imprinting into bulk polymer materials or glass
  • Suitable for spin-on thermoplastics
  • Low residual stress
  • High replication accuracy down to 50 nm
  • High aspect ratio features




Mask aligner tooled as bond aligner

80 µm SU-8 resist features with sidewall angles
approaching 90°. Courtesy of DALSA Corporation.

Nanoimprint Lithography

UV-NIL Process

Replicated nanostructures


Chucking for alignment and bonding

Hybrid Bonding of a daisy chain with 4,4 µm pads
© STMicroelectronics. Used with permission.

Hot Embossing (BE)

Hot Embossing Process

100 µm wide hot embossed microfluidic channels