Photovoltaics is a key technology within alternative energies. Solar cells enable generation of electricity for a wide range of applications: large scale utilities, commercial and residential roof top installations and various other on-grid and off-grid application. Improving the cell efficiency and reducing the manufacturing cost of solar cells will even increase this broad range of applications.

Spray coating is a unique deposition technique for thin film solar cells and organic solar cells. A broad range of materials can be deposited with spray coating. For sensitive materials coating in inert environment is possible. Substrates with various shapes and topography can be processed. Due to the nature of spray coating scaling to larger substrates or roll-to-roll manufacturing is easy. Spray coating is a very well established manufacturing technology in MEMS and Packaging.

Planarizing coats
The flow characteristics of the coated material can be adjusted in such a way that the resulting film planarizes the surfaces. This enables planarizing of nano- and micro-textured surfaces without pin-holes. For advanced thin film PV cell designs with nanowires or nanopillars spray coating is used to deposit the absorber layer.

Conformal coats
Tailoring the flow characteristics of the coated material allows to achieve conformal coatings. Nanowires, nanopillars and textured surfaces are conformally coated. The thickness of the film can be easily adjusted through a software recipe parameter.



Spray coating provides excellent layer uniformity.