MEMS Devices

MEMS (micro electro mechanical systems) are miniaturized 3D devices consisting of microelectronic components (integrated circuits) and micromechanical, optical, chemical, biochemical, or micro-optical components. MEMS technology is a rapidly emerging field with a high-growth rate. Motion sensors, micro mirrors, microphones, gyroscopes, and accelerometers are just a few types of the MEMS devices that are found in consumer applications such as cell phones, television sets, digital cameras, gaming consoles and laptops.

The main goal of assembly and packaging operations is to either attach the two halves of a device together (generally used in bulk micro machined sensors) or to provide a protective cover (common for surface machined parts). Sealing a MST device at wafer level provides a high level of cleanliness as it is performed prior to dicing. Particle sensitive MST features could not be diced without protection as cleaning of the chips after dicing is not very effective. In the case of surface micro machined technology, bonding a cap wafer to a sensor wafer provides the required protection for subsequent, less clean process steps. Surface micro machined features are often first level packaged at the wafer level to protect the sensitive, mechanically suspended features from the environment.

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Yaw rate sensor. Courtesy of Robert Bosch Gmbh.

Acceleration sensor. Courtesy of Robert Bosch Gmbh.