High Brightness LEDs

LEDs (light emitting diodes) are light sources based on semiconductor devices. LEDs are used for a broad range of applications, such as backlight illumination of mobile phones or displays, traffic signals with low maintenance, car head lamps and rear lights, head-up displays, projectors and general illumination. They offer a number of advantages compared to other light sources, including long lifetime, low total lifecycle costs, compact size, easy implementation into end devices, and particularly, very high efficiency. The use of LEDs for illumination can save up to 85 % in energy consumption compared to standard light sources, offering the potential to reduce about 15 % of the total worldwide energy consumption if all standard light sources were substituted.

Optical Lithography, the application and structuring of photosensitive materials by mask defined light for subsequent semiconductor processes, is a well known and established technology. EV Group offers a full range of equipment to support the wide range of possibilities inherent in this technology, such as thin or thick resist processing and contact, proximity or large gap printing. The main lithography processes, which are all supported by EV Group systems, are resist application, illumination by a mask alignment system, bake (when necessary), resist development, and cleaning after the specific process.

The Resist Processing Systems offered by EV Group can apply all types of resists from low to high viscosity by various coating methods like spin on, spray, or EV Group's proprietary Nanospray technology for very high aspect ratio features. The Mask Alignment Systems of EV Group, offering high alignment accuracies in the sub-micrometer range, are known for their low cost of ownership and can be specially adapted for the processing of compound semiconductors. All EV Group tools can be equipped for various wafer sizes, thus offering the highest flexibility to the customer. For the fabrication of LEDs, optical lithography and resist processing is necessary for the processing of metal contacts and formation of bumps at wafer level.

EV Group provides solutions specifically for LED manufacturing:

  • Automated processing of non-silicon substrates, e.g. sapphire or GaN
  • Lithography for substrates on a carrier wafer
  • Optimized alignment pattern recognition for epitaxial layers
  • State-of-the-art equipment for 2", 4" and 6" substrates

Please see our related products EVG®620 and EVG®120 for detailed information.



Wafer bumping and redistribution layer.