LowTemp™ Laser-Initiated Debonding

EVG’s Laser debonding is a deliberate solution using a solid state laser in the UV region, leading to a low cost process combined with high throughput.

Temporary bonding is an enabling technology for thin wafer handling, used in various applications like FoWLP, 3D IC, MEMS and semiconductor power devices. Because of the existence of high temperature resistant materials laser debonding is compatible with a wide range of applications. There are several EVG-evaluated materials for UV laser debonding available.

EVG’s product portfolio includes semi- as well as fully automated tools, enabling all crucial debonding process steps. This includes film frame mounting, laser debonding, as well as cleaning of the device and reusable carrier wafer.


  • High chemical and thermal stable materials available
  • Real room temperature debonding due to cracking of chemical bonds – no thermal stress subjected to the device wafer
  • Force-free debonding
  • Low laser maintenance because of HVM proven solid state laser
  • High throughput

Your Benefits:

  • Lowest cost solution in the market
  • Highest beam reproducibility for stable debonding results
  • Extensive process know-how
  • Various adhesive materials available - single layer or double layer systems
  • Footprint optimized layout
  • Carrier recycling within debonding tool possible
  • High carrier lifetime

Further Information:

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Article in Solid State Technology:

Click here to read our cover article "Laser debonding for ultrathin and stacked fan out packages" in the July 2017 issue of Solid State Technology


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Comparison of different laser debonding technologies
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EVG850 DB Automated Debonding System up to 300 mm
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Key process steps schematic