EVG® LED Exposure Optics

All-new, high-quality and high-uniformity LED exposure optics with low energy consumption and long lifetime for systems supporting substrate diameters up to 200 mm

LED UV Exposure Optics


For many years, mercury lamps were the only light source that could provide sufficient intensity for the requirements of mask aligners. Due to recent improvements in UV-LEDs in combination with well-engineered optics, it is now possible to provide similar intensity as standard mercury lamps with myriad added benefits. The emission spectrum also provides high intensity for i-, g- and h-line resists. Furthermore, the single spectral lines can be now individually tuned for optimal exposure.

Advantages of LED exposure:

  • Instant on/off
  • Long light source lifetime
  • Low energy consumption
  • No N2 cooling needed
  • Individually tunable emission lines
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

All of these benefits can be provided without any performance drawbacks compared to mercury lamps.

Comparison Matrix:

   Mercury Lamp  LED Lamp
WavelengthStandard emission spectrum (i-, g-, h-line), filters to select specific linesConfigurable for i-line only, g- and h-line only or broad band (i-, g- and h-line)
Wafer SizeUp to 200 mmUp to 200 mm
MaintenanceHigh, regular changes of the lamp are neededLow, no scheduled LED replacement or adjustment
Heat EmissionHigh, N2 or CDA cooling required, exhaust requiredLow, no active N2 or CDA cooling required, no exhaust required
EnvironmentMercury, high energy consumption, hazardous materialSolid State LED, low energy consumption
R&D FriendlinessAlways on (recommended), Exposure by shutter open/closeInstant On/Off for exposure only(shutter free)
Operating CostHigh, due to N2 / CDA consumption, exhaust requirement and regular lamp changes by trained maintenance staffLow, no consumables and long lifetime


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