HERCULES® Lithography Track System

For fully automated and integrated coating, mask alignment, exposure and/or developing.


The HERCULES platform integrates the entire lithography process flow in one equipment.
Based on a modular platform, the HERCULES combines EVG's established optical mask alignment technology with integrated cleaning, resist coating, baking and resist development modules. This turns the HERCULES into a "one stop shop", where wafers are loaded into the tool and fully structured wafers are returned.
The HERCULES enables cassette-to-cassette processing of various wafer sizes. Bridge processing of 50 mm to 200 mm can be done on one tool configuration without additional retooling or tool downtime. The same applies to bridge capability of 200 mm and 300 mm wafer processing.
The flexible HERCULES platform is not restricted to processing round wafers. In fact, fully automated handling and processing of rectangular substrates, highly bowed substrates and even device trays can be implemented.
The HERCULES safely handles thick, bowed or small diameter wafers. Precision top-side and front-to-backside alignment as well as coating of sub-micron to ultra-thick (up to 300 microns) resists can be applied for interlayer and passivation applications. The superior alignment stage design achieves highly accurate alignment and exposure results at high throughput.


  • Production platform which combines all advantages of EVG's precision alignment and resist processing systems in a minimized footprint production solution
  • Versatile platform supporting fully-automated processing of various substrate shapes, sizes, highly warped mold wafers and even trays


Features and Options 

  • CoverSpinTM rotating cover for low resist consumption and optimized resist coating uniformity
  • OmniSpray® coating for optimized coating of high topography surfaces
  • Nanospray® for coating and protection of via structures
  • Handling of ultra-thin and fragile substrates
  • Automated mask handling and storage
  • Coating of up to 52,000 cp enables manufacturing of ultra-thick resist features of up to 300 µm
  • Optical edge exposure and/or solvent cleaning for edge bead removal