NanoSpray™ Technology

NanoSpray™ allows a new bandwidth of applications throughout many technologies in semiconductor processing markets.


EVG's NanoSpray™ is a proprietary multi-step coating technique used for coating patterns that are deep yet very small in diameter. NanoSpray™ is especially useful for coating vias with vertical side-wall angles and a diameter of less than 200µm, resulting in aspect ratios of 1:4 or even higher.
The unique attributes of EVG's NanoSpray™ technology enable applications like in-via lithography, fast and cost-efficient deposition of organic low-k dielectrics and easy-to-remove in-via protective coatings.


  • Unique multi-step process separating via-coating performance from top-surface / edge-coverage coating performance
  • Proprietary process modules enabling uniform resist coverage of sidewalls and via-bottom for high-aspect TSVs