EVG®150XT Automated Resist Processing System up to 300mm

Fully-automated coat/develop process and high-throughput performance.


The new EVG150XT is a universal and fully automated resist processing tool supporting wafers up to 300 mm in diameter. This novel modular coat/develop platform is integrated with the newly developed XT Frame architecture. The overall design concept of the XT Frame is specifically geared toward combining tried and proven production procedures with new and innovative concepts for high-volume manufacturing.
The EVG150XT was developed around three key aspects: improved processing, short cycle times, and smart software solutions for complex, high-frequency process flows.
Symbiotic interplay of extensive process development, deep insights in production requirements gained through close collaboration with customers and the use of advanced materials and cutting-edge technologies with the experience from more than three decades of equipment manufacturing guarantees stable mass production at the highest standards for our customers.
During in-line processing high throughput is accomplished by operating up to nine individually combinable process stations in parallel mode, while wafer handling times are minimized by the high-speed linear transport system. High tool uptime has been realized by ensuring the reliability of each component and making service and maintenance procedures as simple and quick as possible. An inline metrology module allows the validation of process results within the same tool. In addition, an extensive range of materials such as positive and negative resists, polyimides, high viscosity resists and spin on dielectrics can be processed on the EVG150XT.


  • Supporting wafer sizes up to 300 mm
  • XT Frame concept for highest throughput
  • EFEM (Equipment Frontend Module) and optional FSS (Foup Storage System)
  • Support for up to 9 individually combinable process modules with optimized parallel operation
  • Available modules include Spin Coat, Spray Coat, NanoCoat™, Develop, Bake/Chill/Vapor Prime, Inline Metrology
  • Coating of thick- and thin-film resists from below 1 µm to over 100 µm
  • Extensive range of supported materials
  • Inline Metrology support for process results validation
  • User-friendly, flexible software